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LightFury Kit – Electroluminescent Light Mod Kit

Transform your helmet into a TRON HELMET!

Unleash your imagination and creativity with a LightFury Tron Helmet Kit! Transform your helmet into a LightFury stle Tron helmet, for optimum visibility and glances!

LightFury Kit makes you more visible and offers a 100% unique customization experience, which you can do it yourself. The installation is as simple as riding a bike. The LightFury kit contains everything you need to complete the installation on any motorcycle helmet within a few hours.

The operation is quite simple: you have a laser wire of 3 meters and a laser strip of 50cm, turning on the power box you send an electrical current that will stimulate the wire and the strip to light them up. A LightFury Helmet is the closest you’ll ever get to Tron, without being sucked into an 80s arcade machine!




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